Because they love us.

    There are so many things I love about dogs. I love the funny noises they make, like they’re trying to talk to us. I love the silly tricks they do – like Norman the Briard, who learned how to ride a bike. (I’m still working on that one with my own Briard, Mercy.) I especially love how they’re there for us, even in our toughest times. Dogs were some of my best companions when I was recovering from a rare brain tumor years ago.

    Even though there are too many things I love about dogs to list them all here, I can tell you the thing I love most about dogs: it’s that they love us. 

    Maybe that’s why we go out of our way to find a dog friendly hotel. Or why we’ll get up before our alarm ever goes off, to satisfy the wet nose nudging our faces. And maybe that’s why we love bringing home a new squeaky toy, or splurging on a monogrammed dog collar.

    Seeing our dogs overjoyed – eyes bright, tails wagging – is invaluable. We can never get enough of that unconditional love. That’s what makes us dog people.

    At Harry Barker, we create beautiful, functional, ecofriendly dog products – not just because we love dogs so much, but because they love us.

    Our products are an expression of love between people and their pets. Whether it’s perked ears or wagging tails or whimpers of excitement or even bike riding, we hope they bring out the things you love most about your dog.

    Warmest regards,

    Doggie Toile!

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